Photo by Jeff Vash Photo by Jeff Vash Photo by Jeff Vash



Photo by Jonny Lackey


With my Woes




For awhile, it seemed the clouds would never part. The clouds and haze from the New York sunset stretched deep into the sea of sky.

This was a trip to finally link up with Dpat & Jordan; they were on tour with JMSN performing in Montreal & Toronto. I had hoped to shoot some new footage for a new project.
Jonny flew in from Houston. – We managed to be welcomed into the freezing bosom of YYZ, coldest snap of the season. (-40?)
On our travels, we spent some time with our friend River Tiber in the studio, grubbed on poutine, & just met tons of great vibes overall.

It was an inspiring trip to say the least, we will definitely be back soon.


plus it’s like two steps from NYC.


ps. special thanks to Ali