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  • So what you get when you combine Vash’s imaginative video making skills with the ingenious sounds of Sango, a 21 year old Michigan-based producer who’s deep and soulful sounds come through in his many remixes of The Weeknd and also Little Dragon’s “Ritual Union”, is an amazing example of creative expression that anyone can admire. This video is impressive in that it leaves you with an eerie and almost frighteningly good feeling that makes you want to watch over and over again to make sense of it.

  • Continuing to hold admiration for the female figure with this slow-motion beauty by Austin video artist Jeff Vash.

  • I was stoked to see that Jeff Vash, a 21 year old jack-of-all-trades made this crazy ass video which totally fits the vibe. It’s really just a bunch of hot girls smoking weed in slow motion, but paired with the music it’s actually really hypnotizing to watch. Well done.

  • The video may be short and somewhat simple but it’s still impressively well-done and adding anything else to it would probably upset the creative balance he managed to work out. Everett’s trippy, experimental sound mixed with Vash’s visually abstract techniques deliver a video destined for YouTube sensation.

  • So what exactly is going on here? Um, the ush. Hot chicks smoking blunts, in slow motion, in cutoffs, in a swaggg house. (They take turns hot-boxing a fox mask). What does it mean? Nothing, I’m pretty sure, but you liked it didn’t you? You LOVE the (kind of) witch house aesthetic, yeah?


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Jeff Vash

Visual Artist / Designer


The work of Jeff Vash edges on the verge of the surreal & visceral. With his viral success of “About You” in 2012, his work continues to stretch over 23,000,000 views online.

Vash Creative, founded under the ethos of producing high quality original visual content, our projects center around collaboration with artists, filmmakers, musicians, and makers to provide a platform for exposure and conversation. Our creative direction takes influence from fine art, pop culture, and exploitation of digital media. Forge unique experiences & encourage new perspective.

Houston/Austin native, he now currently works & resides in the NYC, New York area.


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New Media Artists, The W Hotel (Austin, Texas) [2013 – 2014]

Las Vegas Film Festival, The Palms (Las Vegas, NV) [2012]

The University of Texas, Permanent Print Collection  [2012]