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  • I was stoked to see that Jeff Vash, a 21 year old jack-of-all-trades made this crazy ass video which totally fits the vibe. It’s really just a bunch of hot girls smoking weed in slow motion, but paired with the music it’s actually really hypnotizing to watch. Well done.

    Sometimes it just takes a simple concept to blow your mind. There is really nothing to this video when you think about it. On the surface, it’s just pretty girls smoking weed. But slow it down, and add a sexy track and becomes almost a surreal experience. Austin, TX-based film student VASH really killed it with this one.

  • Jeff Vash is a young visual artist and designer born in New York City.  A student of Fine Arts, he is not only a visual artist and graphic designer… but also a filmmaker […] When working on video, his priority is creating an atmosphere, which sets a tone. The different atmospheres, characters, frames, rhythms, and each detail along with the music serve as tools to make a statement. “The medium of video allows me to capture subtle moments of life, or moments of ambiguity. Cinematography is something so technical yet tactful. I love experimenting.” As if we were under water and somehow we could feel the world in slow motion, his work portrays those moments to remember.

  • Willie Nelson’s “Crazy” sounds like one big sigh. It’s a universal song about heartbreak—the kind of song you listen to while you desperately stare out a window into a rainy night. Sami’s version of “Crazy” is not that kind of song. – With sinister production courtesy of Troublemaker (King Fantastic), Sami’s sweet voice takes on a troublesome tone. The Vash-directed video, starring actress Carlson Young, makes it very clear just how troublesome that tone is, and suddenly the word “crazy” takes on a dark new meaning.

  • Continuing to hold admiration for the female figure with this slow-motion beauty by Austin video artist Jeff Vash.


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Jeff Vash

Visual Artist / Designer


The work of Jeff Vash edges on the verge of the surreal & visceral. With his viral success of “About You” in 2012, his work continues to stretch over 23,000,000 views online.

Vash Creative, founded under the ethos of producing high quality original visual content, our projects center around collaboration with artists, filmmakers, musicians, and makers to provide a platform for exposure and conversation. Our creative direction takes influence from fine art, pop culture, and exploitation of digital media. Forge unique experiences & encourage new perspective.

Houston/Austin native, he now currently works & resides in the NYC, New York area.


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New Media Artists, The W Hotel (Austin, Texas) [2013 – 2014]

Las Vegas Film Festival, The Palms (Las Vegas, NV) [2012]

The University of Texas, Permanent Print Collection  [2012]